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"Sino-American Nonprofit Cooperative Services (SANCS) was formed and continues to reach out to orphan and needy countryside Chinese children. We were formed to cooperate with the Chinese government to serve the children for no profit. From August 1996 till July 2018 we maintained a home for the children in XinMi, Henan but presently we needed to change the mode through which we are reaching out to these same children. The government has placed our younger children in a recently opened Welfare Center. They have hired two of our mothers to look after the children who are living in dormitories at their schools during the week and returning to the center on the weekends. In exchange so that our high school and college children do not have to be returned to the countryside, we are supporting them by paying for their school fees and monthly food fees. They are able to live in the dormitories. Those we have in high school can live with our previous caretakers during the holidays if needed.

Our mission is to continue to care for and give safe living conditions and prolonged education through the university for each truly orphaned or oppressed needy countryside child. We regularly visit the children in the Welfare Center, and deliver birthday presents and cards and letters from friends."

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From the back row to the front their names are:
  Qian Jin ke  
Gu Si yuan
Fan Hao jie  
Cui Meng die Lu Jia jing Wu Xiao yu Zheng Kang jia Liu Zhi qiang Wei Jin ge Li Huai bin Zhou Li jun
The children at the welfare center

Cui Meng die
Liang Tong xin

Wu Xiao yu
Fan Hao jie

Qian Yong le
Zheng Kang jia

Liu Zhi gang
Zhou Li jun

Li Huai bin

Liu Zhi qiang

Shen Kai wen

Li Huai yu

Zhao Jia li
Our High school and College children
Wang Cong ka
Wei Jin ke
Lu Cong hui
Gu Si yuan
Liu Meng yao
Zhu Hao ran
Du Xing ze
Wang Cai yun
Li Ke
Yang Zhen dong
Sang Lu bo
Qian Jin ke
Qian Jin bo