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SANCS Board and Staff are composed of deeply committed Christians from different denominations
each who have a heart for God and for all our SANCS children.



Left: Vanetta Sabine -President
Middle: Daniel Saulsberry- Treasurer
Right: Jim Cox - Member
Left: Shirley Williams - Member
Middle: Jane Marcum-CEO/Founder
Right: Stephanie Saulsberry-Secretary
Not Present - Marilyn Cox - Member

Jane Marcum is the CEO/Founder of Sino-American Nonprofit Cooperative Services. She has always loved God and it was through her ardent prayers that SANCS was birthed. Obeying God she began traveling extensively throughout all of China since 1985 and in 1996, she opened SANCS's first orphan home of eight children in cooperation with the XinMi City Chinese government.

Jane was married to George Marcum of rural Kansas for 47 years until his death. They had two married children and five grandsons. She has her Master's Degree in education and Asian cultureand has taught school in America for twenty-five years before going to China as a long-term missionary to the orphans of China. Her plan was unique in its structure so it drew attention and praise from the Provincial Goverment as well as people throughout China by way of television newspapers and magazines.

E-mail: janemarcum@sancs.org or marcum.jane@gmail.com


Zhang Jun received his Bachelor Degree in 1999 in International Trade and began working for SANCS on a part-time basis in 1997. In January 2001 he took over the position of General Operations Manager and has proven to be a wonderfully dedicated leader. You may contact him if you have any interest in a particular child or want to assist us in any way by emailing him at:
E-mail: zhangjun@sancs.org

Gene Dallas retired from his job of almost 40 years as Vice President of Finance for an international company. With this great background and his close walk with God we are blessed to have him as our accountant. All contributions are tax-deductible and should be mailed to the following address, If you wish to contact him by Email please do so at: redallas@charter.net
Mary Ann Dallas, the wife of Gene Dallas, is responsible for the task of mailing of our SANCS UPDATES. If you want to be placed on our mailing list or have a change in address please contact her at: redallas@charter.net. You may also read our monthly updates on this website by clicking here.
Du Gang is from Luoyang, China and has served SANCS since 1997. He was our General Operations Manager until January 2001 at which time he went to America to study for his MBA. Having returned to China, he continues to serve in an advisory capacity. E-mail: dugang75@tom.com
Carolyn Nitschke is deeply committed to the work of our children. She has been married to her husband Bob Nitschke of Climax Springs, MO since 1953. She was our original book keeper and has done much to help with our public relations.