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My Twenty-four Hours by a Mother

I especially like kids; I love my job too. Maybe this has been arranged by God to put my job and the kids together so my 24 hours is always connected with the kids.

Ding, Ding, the alarm went off. Oh it's already five o'clock in the morning. I open the curtain and outside the house it is still snowing. I rub my sleepy eyes and hurry to dress and prepare the breakfast for the kids. I don't want to wake them up so I try to do everything quietly so they will have a little more time to sleep. When I have finished breakfast and put it on the table the kids have already brushed their teeth, and washed their face. After breakfast they prepare to go to school and I always remind them to wear warm clothes and gloves and when they walk take care because the road is slippery.

After the kids leave, the house is so quiet and I will go to clean the kitchen and then to check their bedrooms. I already forget how many times I have told them that in the mornings they need to do their beds themselves but today I still have two kids who didn't do their beds. I really want to talk with them and find out why. I umm after all they're kids, I will tell them again to pay attention next time.

This time I will help them do it again. When I have cleaned the rooms completely and the tables, and furniture and floor I feel relaxed. Buying vegetables is also a daily activity I must do.

Today I want to change to something different for dinner and do something special so what can we eat? I thought all the kids like to eat jowdza but to make jowdza is too complex and too much work but it's okay if the kids like it, so what? Now I will go to the market and buy pork, turnips and leek and when I got home I must chop and grind the pork and then I must make the dough.

The other mother, Hui Qia, will prepare the dough and I will make the meat mixture and we then make jowdza together and we share cute stories about the kids. After 12 o'clock the kids return one by one. When I see the kids enjoying the jowdza I feel so good. After lunch I let them put their dirty clothes into piles. When they go to school, I start to wash clothes. The weather is really cold so after you finish washing them, getting them dry is difficult but my heart is warm.

At 5 o'clock I have finished preparing supper and all the kids come back. After supper is a wonderful time in this family because we sit down and communicate and tell each other what happened during the day. They tell me about what happened in school and some of them will play chess, or watch TV for a while, but this has a precondition, you must have first finished your homework. I check their homework, one by one and help the little kids do their homework. Chen Junli's scores are always poor so every day I will work more carefully with her. After she has finished her homework, maybe I will give her a little extra exercise to do. At ten o'clock all the kids must be in bed and sleeping . This is a rule so that all may have enough energy to do their work the next day. Then I will check that all the windows and doors are locked and then I will go to sleep.
This is how I spend my day. Tomorrow I will work harder and take care of the kids well and become a really good mama.
"Be Happy In Your Work." These dedicated mothers take each day as a wonderful opportunity to serve in their full capacities.